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About The Beeries

The Beeries is a big party! It's a party to celebrate our good beer and cider community. It doubles as an awards night at which we recognise individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding contribution to our beer and cider industry. It's our 'night of nights' and 200 of the industry and those that make the industry possible – our beer and cider lovers – are there to enjoy it.

On the evening, the ice buckets at the Royal International Convention Centre are filled with beer and cider donated by the industry. It’s a chance for breweries and cider producers to share their brews with the community.

100% of proceeds raised from The Beeries are donated to Brewsvegas, a not-for-profit organisation.

The awards focus on individual contributions of people to our beer and cider community. Both the industry and the public have the opportunity to vote and the awards will be announced and presented at The Beeries on Thursday 20 September 2018 at the Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane. We look forward to celebrating with you in September!


Best Beer Tender: Emily Phoebe Smith, Brewski

sponsored by The Crafty Pint

Best Brewery/Cidery Rep: Lou Klatte, Stone & Wood Brewing

sponsored by Balter

Best Beer & Cider Retailer: Sam Kent, Malt Traders

sponsored by Stone & Wood Brewing

Best Cider Maker: Harry Moses, Pagan Cider

sponsored by The Beer InCider Experience

Best Brewer: Matt Jancauskas, Brouhaha Brewery

sponsored by Fitz + Potts

Gold Beery for Best community contributor: Mark Howes, Newstead Brewing

sponsored by Thirsty Merchants

Special Achievement Award: Matt Kirkegaard, BrewsNews

sponsored by KAIJU! Beer

Advisory Panel

The Beeries is proudly brought to you by some of Queensland's best in the business. This group of beer and cider lovers form the advisory panel.